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SOMArts quotes

My Great Grandfather was a white sherif in West Virginia. My Great Grandmother was a poor black woman who traded her body for food and shelter. My Grandfather passed as white and was able to buy property in West Virginia & Ohio. This set my father and aunts and uncles up with a foundation to go to college and be successful. Oddly, I am thankful.

The potato famine in Ireland forced my great grandfather to leave his home + go to Michigan.

A mixture of Hawaiian, Italian, Hillbilly, Scottish, a family spread over the globe united by humor & love & food.

BABA ❤ White privilege- child wishes safety and support for those she cannot empathize with.

Farming & the understanding that all peoples must eat & feeling the soil under our fingers is a connection we have to each other – my mother

Family ran away from Germany & Czech from the Nazi on a boat late at night leaving family & their live their children. My parent immigrated from Israel to the state to adopt me in Brazil… how do hold my identity with theirs?

My grandma fled Beirut during the uprising. She was wearing a royal blue dress, and held the rosary I now carry everywhere in her hand. I am second generation Armenian and exist because of her escape ❤

My family immigrated to the US from Italy because of the Nazi Holocaust. I was born here & was the first US citizen in my family. I am very grateful. ❤

My mom came to the US wanting a better life for her kids. She worked hard, was told to “go back to China” (she is Filipina), she got fired from her job and fought for it back. She told us to cherish education & her motto “hard work pay off” was engraved in our brain. I am a physician, my brother is a physician assistant, my sister a lawyer. She lived her “American Dream”

The first to go to college. Parents had to cross twice.

My mom, aunt, grand pap + grand mam got out of Essen -> NYC after “Brown Shirts” beat Jose F & Herman after a union planning meeting. They made it!

My grandma couldn’t tell me her stories. It was too painful.

My Grandfather deserted the the Mongolian cavalry…

Enduring Democracy

Tales of life on the islands of Puerto Rico – traditions – methodology – languages ❤

Ya no es un Rancho con Vacas y Pavo Pero- real good realstate (SPIN IT) en Mexico

I carry your passion and your mental health. ❤

My Great Grandmother was one of 10 to be a first gen. immigrant from Germany long before any wars. She & her family laid low while the wars began & faced hatred for choices not theirs. My other great grandmother is a war time bride from Japan. Despite hatred displayed by their races they taught me to be loving, kind, and compassionate for others no matter what.

My great-grandfather looked like Mexican Superman!

Mi madre vino a los estados en la misma manera que yo lo dejo… encontrando mas. Rise up + defend.

My opa immigrated here from Germany because there were many Nazis

Thank you, mom! ❤

Both my parents crossed the border from Mexico. My mom always reminded us that on a good day, they had frijoles for dinner when she was a child. Nevertheless, they grew up poor, but they’re still the most beautiful and optimistic people that raised me.

My grandfather hid in a haystack for a month while the Turks killed many of his family and others in his community. He came to NY at 14 and learned to be a baker. I bake bread to honor him. Love you Grandpa!

My father left my mother, older brother & unborn sister to groom horses and work fields in Santa Ines, CA. My sister was two the first time I saw her. She didn’t know him. My mother’s hands are cracked and crooked now from cleaning strangers’ homes for nearly 60 years. 27 of them here. Hers are the strongest hands I know. I would not be who I am today if they had not sacrificed everything to be in this country. Words will never suffice to tell them how grateful and indebted to them I am.

My Abuelito to the US as a bracero. Who knows who I would be/where I would be if it weren’t for that. I particularly love his stories of being in the circus when he ran away from the orphanage/convent. He worked as he ran the booth where people played hackysack/cornhole. He was very hardworking. I was his favorite granddaughter. He never said it, but I knew. -VR.

I miss you Ian

When my grandpa cut down coconuts and we drank out of them and laughed at my brother as he ran from the red ants!

When me, my sister, grandmother, grandfather and sometimes my mom and dad garden in my grandparents garden and talked.

Both my parents crossed the border so I did and my sisters. My parents always remind me why we are here and education is the best gift we could give them as a pay of thankfulness!! -NB.

Be brave.

My mother Ariadne Pascual was born to Spanish father + Jewish mother in 1933. When she was 5 she became a refugee to the Spanish Civil War and travelled alone to Russia. She was there till 15 when she was reunited with her father in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She moved to NY at 18, met my father and moved to Louisiana. She came to SF w/ 2 children and left w/ 3 back to LA. She moved to Mexico w/ 7 kids, went to Austin 10 years later. She died there in 2016.

My mother crossed the border at the age of 13 for a better future. For that I am so thankful because I have the powerful gift of education ❤

My mother continues to refer to Mexico as her home. It’s a constant reminder that it wasn’t fully her decision to to leave and the wanting of returning I oftentimes forget. One day, we will return home.

My great grandfather died in WWII

My mother crossed the border w/ my sister and I. My dad promised her a better life here but instead she found pain and mistreatment. Still she endured for my sister and my sake. When we grew up she finally left my dad, she has always taught us to be strong.

My grandpa immigrated from Russia

My grandpa fled Russia in 1908 to avoid being drafted into the Czar’s army. When he got here he saved up enough money to bring over his parents and 8 brothers and sisters.

My great grandfather survived the Bataan death march and the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. My grandfather emigrated to the US through the navy. He worked at a Navy Hospital for years.

My ancestors fled Canada (french) during war with “Indians” because they sided with Indians crossing the Great Lakes in winter on the ice. Some fell in & did not make it to northern Michigan.

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