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Quote Collection:

Artists Emma Brown and Mara Lea Brown started this project by collecting quotes from family and friends. Twenty two quotes were made into Batik scarves for the installation.

As the Roots and Wings show travels, stories continue to be collected anonymously and archived on this site.

Batik Scarves: 

Emma uses a brush to write the quotes and decorate each scarf with a unique design using hot wax. After adding natural dyes to the cotton, the wax is removed with boiling water and a hot iron. Once the scarves dry, their edges are sewn by hand.


Mara uses the quotes collected for Roots and Wings as inspiration for her charcoal portraits. The drawings and other elements included in each installation are site specific.


Emma and Mara work with each community during the installation of Roots and Wings, taking into account any site specific needs. The number of scarves, drawings and any additional visual elements vary from site to site.

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