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At about six years old my parents said to me, ‘Congratulations, you’re now a US Citizen.’ And I replied, ‘Does that mean I now have blonde hair and blue eyes?’

When my mom adopted my sister, my mom told an aunt about it. The aunt said, ‘oh, is she going to be your housemaid?’ Geez. Like wtf.

They were solid middle class in Guatemala and then suddenly were very poor in the US.

I might have to leave the States soon due to a new Visa problem…

My great grandfather was too young to emigrate from Ireland so he asked a couple on the boat to pretend to be his parents.

As someone who’s half black and half white I can’t really speak on my immigration related roots in a healthy way at this point in my life.

In 1938, the Nazis came to my great-uncle’s town. His family ran for their lives. Some made it to America; some did not.

He would rather risk living illegally than leave his wife and daughter.

Quechua: No matter how far the wind takes the leaves they’ll always return to the Earth.

En Tijuana y sin un centavo en la bolsa, encontré unos coyotes que me llevaron a un hotel de mala muerte.

My great grandfather came to the USA in search for the advertised gold mountain.

My grandmother came to the USA to escape the political turmoil of Mao, barely surviving off half poisoned potatoes leaves.

“I never let an imaginary line keep me from my family”.

¿Sabes que nunca escuché la expresión “el sueño americano” hasta después que llegué acá?

Emigrar es morir, renacer  •  Abandonar viejos sueños  •  Para un mil noveles tejer  •  Es reinventarse uno mismo  •  Otra historia, un nuevo ser

He was basically a child soldier in the IRA. He wanted to ‘retire’ from killing at 19 so he purposely got himself arrested and spent 4 years in prison where he endured a 50 day hunger strike before escaping and fleeing to America.

Great grandma fled to Luxembourg from Germany… stones thrown at her for marrying a Jew… she returned to take family silver… she hid as much as she could under her skirts and boldly rode the train out sitting next to a gestapo officer… the family left for the states shortly after she died.

Their ability to laugh in the face of tremendous hardships got them through almost impossible times.

Our neighbor in the building was really nice to us and on my 4th birthday he gave me this stuffed pig that made me feel really welcome and made me feel a lot better about leaving India.

Mi madre, que vivía ilegalmente en los Estados Unidos, nos inscribió secretamente, a mi esposa y a mí, a la lotería de visas y nos la ganamos…en nuestro país empezaba una crisis terrible… Nosotros que no queríamos vivir aquí, terminamos adaptándonos y haciendo nuestra comunidad y arte en este lugar.

Borders are terrible… And that’s why, to avoid this constant fear every time I cross the border that I have decided to become an American citizen… not by faith but by fear…

We left Israel because my mom feared I would go to jail for draft evasion, and my brother would enlist in the army. Years later, my brother enlisted in the US Marines, and I ended up sitting in jail for protesting!